I just read about how frames were "never" a good webpage design decision. Look, you go back to when I designed this layout in ~1999 and tell me how many 1999-era non-professional designs look any better. FRAMES FOREVER


Rich's prediction:
Once Wasteland 2 comes out, the Nerd Circle of Life will march on,
and a new generation of will start going by the handle "Quarex"
as a result of my appearance in the game.

Though on one hand I do not think this is that likely,
basically any unusual name ever used in any video game anywhere has
multiple people going by it on the Internet, so I pretty much have no
choice but to say "welcome, Future Quarexes" in this space.
It is a great personal honor to me if you exist.

For the record,
your new name comes from when, in November 1990,
my adorably young self was sitting at my IBM 8088 4.77 megahertz XT,
trying to come up with a name for my Magician in the completely underrated CRPG
Dark Heart of Uukrul.

After semi-randomly mashing the buttons for a while
(as I often did at the time, trying to get a good combination of vowels and consonants, of course),
I randomly typed QUAREX OSIS,
and literally stared at the screen in awe for a minute.


And so I decided it was.
A couple of years later I started referring to myself by that name,
first on my BBS and then as my composer name for my .MOD/.MTM/.XM demoscene contributions.
I changed "Osis" to "Aegis" after a few months when I decided it was vaguely reminiscent of "trichinosis,"
and then I dropped the last name entirely when the battleship game Aegis came out.
(The name works fine on its own, anyway.)

I have also had QUAREX 1 on my license plate since 1997, so, you know, if you live in Illinois, you are out of luck.


Oh wait but P.S.: Yes, I am also the same Quarex who tracked down the Wasteland 1 box artist
and brokered(?) the sale to Brian Fargo, and the same Quarex who wrote for H0E ...
and wrote music for not just KFMF, but Defiance, Epinicion, TFX/Tranzik Toffee, CiA, RAW/VOR,
and probably others I have finally forgotten after all these years.
Indeed if you see a Quarex on the Internet, unless it is the Turkish
guy who has my name on Facebook or the dude who randomly posts on Apple
forums, it is probably me. Well, in anything 2013 and earlier, anyway.

... I also got the Bad Blood Wikipedia page reinstated after
some jerk deleted it for completely incorrect reasons ...
that is almost Wasteland-2-related!

Hey, remember when The Jumpmen?

Me neither.

A page of links I made for my webpage in 1996. ahahahahaha

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