So, you say you want to download a few of my less worthless mods, do
you? Well, all right. You can play them reasonably well in any newish
version of Winamp; but honestly, if any of them sound extremely fucked
up, it probably IS Winamp's fault. These are some of my least, uh,
"experimental" songs.

Manualbahn, inspired by Kraftwerk and, uh, Cradle of Filth, I think.
Phone Call to Djibouti, inspired by the phone calls I regularly make to Djibouti.
Unpopped Colonels, my attempt at turning the infamous "Popcorn" into a dirge.
Reptillian, possibly the only song I ever wrote that sounded as I intended.
I am deluded into thinking it is one of my best songs, which is why it is here.
But then again, considering even the ultra-musically-liberal Maelcum found
most of my songs too confusingly lame to release back in the day. . . you
should probably not get your hopes up.