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Ultima Online Links!

Online, Quarextrapolated.
UO Vault.
LaWizard's UO Chat Zone.
Ultima at Scorched.com.
Ultima Online Strategy & Statistics.
The Joy of Villainy.
List of Every Ultima Online Link Ever.


Wasteland Ranger HQ Grid. Wasteland is the greatest computer game in history.
Fallout [official page], the greatest game [besides UO] of the last 10 years. Interplay's site.
The Onion! Quite possibly the funniest newspaper the world has ever seen.
Warlords III [official page]. The best wargame of all time.
Captain Morgan Rum. Even though I do not drink, I appreciate a good pirate page here and there.
Blood, my favorite first person shooting game.
Lucas Arts's official page, creators of such wonderful games as The Curse of Monkey Island!
A Lycos Search Engine. Find James Hetfield's favorite opera here.
Altavista Search Engine. Dinosaur porn.
Infoseek. Searches FTP sites, but you can only look for BBS doors.
Yahoo. Trendies, go here.
Webcrawler. I LOVE YOU, DR. ZAIUS!
David Bowie's Search Engine. Man, I really wish this existed.

Those I adventure with who were bitten by the HTML bug:

Hrothgar's page. He can't speak English!
Ogre's homepage! Soon to be the Official Grill page!
MoonBagel's homepage! My ex-girlfriend. =]
Spirit's homepage! Go here for info on Ani DiFranco?
Lee? Is this it?
Nicole. Another of my bizarro lab monitor buddies.
My DAD's homepage. If you're into Political Science and world issues, check it out!
Glynis' homepage. She picks up Canadian guys at Smashing Pumpkins concerts.
An e-mail list of a lot of people I know.

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